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Assurance Framework

The Black Country LEP currently follows an assurance framework which guides local decision making to support accountability, transparency and value for money. Our framework follows national guidelines, practices and standards.

The framework document covers Local Growth Fund funding flowing through the Black Country LEP, and ensures we have robust value for money processes in place.

The Assurance Statement provides a brief formal account on the status of governance for the Black Country LEP and the outcome of the 2018 Annual Conversation between the Black Country LEP and the Government. To download a copy of Annex B Section 151 Assurance Statement, click here.  To download a copy of Annex C, the 2020 Governance Assurance Statement please click here.

All Board Members and Black Country Consortium Ltd staff sign up to the Code of Conduct (Appendix 16) in the Assurance Framework. Board Members Acceptance of Appointment forms are available here.

To download a copy of the Black Country Assurance Framework document, please click here.

To download a copy of the appendices, please click on the relevant link below:

Appendix 1 Geography  

Appendix 2 The Local Enterprise Partnership Board 

Appendix 3 LEP Board Recruitment and Selection process  

Appendix 4 People Theme Advisory Group  

Appendix 5 Business: Competitiveness and Enterprise Theme Advisory Group  

Appendix 6 Place Making and Land Theme Advisory Group  

Appendix 7 Funding Sub-Group  

Appendix 8 Other LEP Sub-Groups  

Appendix 9 Programme Management Office  

Appendix 10 Constitution and Functions of the Black Country Executive Joint Committee  

Appendix 11 Constitution and Terms of Reference of Advisory Board  

Appendix 12 Constitution and Terms of Reference of the Heads Regeneration (Working Group)  

Appendix 13 BCEJC Collaboration Agreement  

Appendix 14 Cross-LEP statement on transport  

Appendix 15 Access to Information Rules and Freedom of Information  

Appendix 16 Registration and Declaration of Interests / Gifts and Hospitality  

Appendix 17 Local Growth Deal Programme - Roles and Responsibilities  

Appendix 18 Complaints Procedure and Customer Care Charter  

Appendix 19 Whistleblowing allegations  

Appendix 20 Templates: Initial Proposal and Full - Programme

Appendix 21 Black Country Performance Management Framework  

Appendix 22 Benefit Cost Ratio Methodology  

Appendix 23 Transport Project Assurance  

Appendix 24a Monitoring and Assurance Framework Programme   

Appendix 24b Growth Deal Monitoring and Assurance Framework Projects   

Appendix 25 Change Control and Delegated Authority  

Appendix 26 Audit, Scrutiny and External Auditors  

Appendix 27 LEP Board Structure Chart  

Appendix 28 Articles of Association  

Appendix 29 Memorandum of Understanding  

Appendix 30 BC LEP MarComms Strategy  

Appendix 31 Stakeholder Engagement Plan  

Appendix 32 Black Country LEP Brand Guidelines  

Appendix 33 Growth Deal Evaluation Plan  

Appendix 34 BCC Ltd Audit Committee Terms of Reference  

Appendix 35 Scheme of Delegation for the BC LEP  

Appendix 36 Managing Conflicts of Interest  

Appendix 37 BC Land and Property Investment Fund Project Governance Lifecycle  

To download the Register of Interests for Board Members, please select the relevant Board Member and follow the link.

Download the Complaints Procedure here.

Any enquiries relating to the Framework should, in the first instance, be directed to:

Sarah Middleton
Chief Executive
Black Country Consortium Ltd
The Deckhouse
Waterfront West
Dudley Road
Brierley Hill

Phone – 01384 471102
Email – 

Black Country LEP @blackcountrylep Follow

Apr 19

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