Energy as an Enabler

A more stable, competitive and effective energy system can have a significant enabling effect on the local economy.

Energy is a major driver of productivity, but currently acts as a considerable hindrance to many of our businesses due to unsustainably high prices impacting business costs. This report is a vital piece of evidence to inform a growing set of work in the West Midlands to improve the local energy market for the benefit of our key sectors and the overall regional economy.

In the Black Country and the West Midlands, we have successfully positioned ourselves as a leading area in developing the energy agenda, putting us in a prime position to secure significant investment. Managing energy infrastructure planning and investment locally through Energy Innovation Zones (EIZs) is an ambition that will allow the region to provide energy infrastructure that suits local needs.

Activity to support our regional energy strategy, including the EIZ vision, is crucial for making a strong case for investment and this report complements the work of the Regional Energy Commission and Energy Capital.

This all comes at a time when energy is an increasingly important policy area both regionally and nationally. Within the government’s Industrial Strategy, ‘Clean Growth’ is identified as one of four ‘grand challenges’, and the WMCA’s initial ‘local’ Industrial Strategy work has identified energy as a key cross-cutting priority.

In order to embrace the opportunities of vehicle electrification, smart cities and a low carbon economy, the West Midlands more than ever needs to provide the right energy infrastructure for local people and businesses.

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