Energy as an Enabler

We have an ambitious and bold plan to deliver the world’s first zero carbon industrial cluster in the Black Country. It will enable clean GVA growth of £16bn by 2030, creating or safeguarding at least 20,000 skilled jobs. 

Repowering the Black Country builds on the Black Country’s strategic advantages of greater flexibility (stemming from large numbers of smaller businesses); connectivity; strong local partnerships; a regeneration imperative and strong local culture of enterprise and energy-intense manufacturing. 

The portfolio approach we propose – a large number of fundable projects across diverse industrial supply chains - taken forward within a highly supportive enabling financial, technical and political context – will deliver faster and at lower overall risk than one or two large infrastructure investments. This offers a distinctive benefit to the UK and is complementary to the approach which will be necessary to decarbonise heavy industrial clusters elsewhere. 

The project will create mini-clusters of zero carbon industry across the region in multiple industrial sectors by proactively using local authority planning powers and inward investment – reshoring activities which have drifted overseas over the past three decades - to create strategically-selected circular economy zero-carbon industrial hubs.

Repowering the Black Country - A prospectus to lead a clean growth revolution in the UK

Repowering the Black Country - Economic Opportunities from Accelerated Decarbonisation