Connecting our Region

Tackling congestion with interchange improvements, new transport hubs and an active travel network will support the development of the Black Country economy ensuring business and people are connected.

“For key infrastructure to be in place is the best encouragement for the businesses already located here as well as those looking to invest in the Enterprise Zone success” Cllr Roger Lawrence, City Wolverhampton Council, Transport Lead for the West Midlands.

Investing in our Transport Infrastructure to support the UK’s national and international growth ambitions.

  • Moving people to and from employment.
  • Moving goods to and from market.
  • Moving investors and visitors to and through.

Our Transport Network should:

  • Help to increase Productivity 
  • Enable Growth for expanding and new businesses 
  • Connect to our key Housing and Brownfield sites 


Image captions: Pic 1: A449 Vine Island to Junction 2 Highway Improvement Works / Pic 2: M6 J10.

New towpaths and cycle paths are connecting residential, employment and education hubs like i54 as well as encouraging healthier, and greener, approaches to travel.

Improving access for cycling and walking via the Black Country’s rich heritage of canal towpaths, as well as on road cycle routes.  

Image caption: Pic 1: Canal from Stourton / Pic 2: Canal at Netherton / Pic 3: cycle path through woodland.

Sustainability and Innovation – making the most efficient use of local transport networks by targeting short trips, which can be undertaken by active modes, will reduce localised congestion. This will provide more efficient access to the strategic transport network which in turn supports regional export growth and International competitiveness as well as social inclusion by reducing severance and more effectively connecting local communities with employment and other services. Through careful and innovative planning and targeted investment, the Black Country’s canals, rivers and green infrastructure can be improved in conjunction with sustainable transport links to improve the connectivity and quality of the landscape and make the Black Country a more attractive place to invest, work and live.

Infrastructure to Support Growth: a programme of transport interventions to tackle congestion, improve access to the motorway network, develop sustainable choices of transport and provide access to key employment sites. 

With extensive local transport links, and nationally important motorway and rail infrastructure, our location on the network provides a competitive edge to our economy.

With the close correlation between supplier delivery times to the manufacturing sector and productivity growth in the sector, the effectiveness of the local transport infrastructure is an important element in maintaining international competitiveness in our growth sectors. 

We will implement a programme of interventions to significantly improve the Black Country’s connectivity, support the provision and improvement of employment sites, support the growth of our centres and contribute to our longer term connectivity vision, including HS2.  The effectiveness of the local transport infrastructure is an important element in maintaining international competitiveness in our growth sectors. 

For further information, please contact Stuart Everton on 01902 554097.