Black Country Digital Strategy

This strategy sets out the ‘Digital Strengths’ of the Black Country, and the many opportunities that exist across the region to further develop the activity taking place. The aim is that by developing digital activity, it will lead to a step change of development across the region using digital technology. 

The document is a response to the massive changes that advances in digital technology is creating, and the impact that this will have on residents, businesses and the public sector. The aim is to position the Black Country as a digitally connected region, over the next five years till 2021, and maintain and continue to grow the competitive advantage this will bring to residents and businesses to promote economic growth.  

Advances in digital technology matters to the Black Country because digital change creates both opportunities for innovation, growth and better life chances, but also the potential to create greater uncertainty and alienation for those left behind. This strategy puts active inclusion at the centre of all things digital.

For further information, download the Black Country Digital Strategy below: