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Strategic Economic Plan

Our Strategic Economic Plan is a blueprint which was created to help the Black Country secure funding and achieve greater freedom in decision making. It was originally published in 2014 but is refreshed regularly to ensure it remains relevant, reflecting changing trends, challenges and opportunities.

We want to celebrate our industrial and geological heritage whilst also providing high quality housing to meet the needs of a balanced growing population, as well as grow our global supply chain and maximise the benefits of our location. At the heart of our Strategic Economic Plan are six priority propositions built on an evidence-based vision, they intend to enable economic growth and demonstrate our commitment to transformational change. 

Read our Strategic Economic Plan

The Black Country Plan (formerly known as the Black Country Core Strategy) is a planning framework for the whole of the Black Country. It is a joint plan produced by the four Black Country councils (Dudley, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Walsall). It is produced to meet the future development needs of the area and to reflect the aspirations of local communities. 

Read the Black Country Plan

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Aug 8

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