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The Digital Chain

The Black Country's Digital Chain is the home of digital activities for the area, exploring connectivity, smart cities, digital skills, the internet of things and much more.

The pace at which technology is evolving is forever increasing. The digital age has a wide scope with buzz words like ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI), ‘automation’, real time, ‘big data’, ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), 5G, full fibre, virtual reality, industry 4.0 and the ‘cloud’ becoming increasingly commonplace terms.

Advancements in technology, has led to innovations, increased reliability, new digital skills, faster connectivity, and disruption in traditional industries.  Digital transformation is reshaping all industries, especially manufacturing.

The Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are keen to ensure that Black Country industries are fully benefitting from this time of transformation and development. As a result, it has invested in producing the following strategies:

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Aug 10

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