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Walsall Town Centre Gets in the Game
Posted on 01/06/2021


Walsall Town Centre Gets in the Game

Walsall Council has responded to public comments about recent changes to the public realm in Gallery Square and parts of Park Street.

Geometric shapes have been painted on the ground and brightly coloured street furniture including giant plant pots, have appeared. Some residents have suggested that the scene is reminiscent of the landscape in a popular computer game but council officials have pointed out that any similarities are purely coincidental. The comparison does support the council’s intention to create a bright, family-friendly area where people can relax and linger as part of an overall plan to rethink Walsall Town Centre and create vibrant, healthy spaces.

However, the council have been able to tie in with an equally popular gaming platform, Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time with 126 million active users worldwide.

The game will allow players to explore virtual Walsall and even re-design it.

Residents are also being encouraged to share their practical vision for Walsall in a survey being conducted online at, a new web site that will highlight the activities being planned over the next few months.

The public realm work has been paid for by the government’s Accelerated Town Fund which is ring-fenced for projects that encourage residents and visitors back to the High Street.

Deputy Leader of Walsall Council, Cllr Andrew said:

“Change can be startling but Walsall has to compete if it is to recover from the pandemic and recent economic downturns. We need to be bold and we need to have a clear vision for the future of the town. Recent funding support from government will allow us to plan projects that make a positive change and bring genuine benefits to residents and visitors.”

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