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Invitation to Tender Black Country Technical Energy Study - Powering Growth

The Black Country has ambitious plans to develop a High Value Manufacturing City alongside 40,000 new homes and other infrastructure improvements, including a Smart City Strategy.

The key priority is to make existing sites attractive places to invest, by providing appropriate and competitive infrastructure and access to low cost, high quality energy supplies. This is particularly important to existing and future potential energy intensive industries in the Black Country, many of which have very process-specific and critical requirements for secure energy supplies. 

The Black Country has a potential competitive advantage over other regions in that its industrial heritage has left it with a reasonable energy distribution infrastructure with some spare capacity. It also has a relatively dense and diverse concentration of energy demand (for both heat and power).

These characteristics mean that it is highly likely that attractive commercial opportunities exist for investments in local power generation facilities which offer energy intensive industries lower cost, more secure power (while also creating local employment and offering economic opportunity). For example, gas turbines could be used to generate electricity at MW scale (suitable for energy-intense manufacturing) with heat that would otherwise have been wasted used locally to provide low cost process and space-heating heat for nearby commercial buildings and/or housing.

Such solutions will also be aligned with the Black Country Smart City Strategy because this kind of approach results in lower CO2 emissions compared to generating heat locally and electricity separately at national level and is also consistent with the Black Country becoming a leader in smart, distributed energy systems and waste management.

To realise this vision, the Black Country LEP recognises that it needs both

1. An objective technical scope of the opportunity and need for local energy solutions. This must cover both heat and power (looking at energy supply and services as an integrated infrastructure system) and set out the technical and commercial needs and potential for distributed energy in the Black Country, specifically identifying some initial pipeline projects, focused primarily on industrial users as a priority.

2. A focused strategy to achieve this vision (setting out how the identified potential might be delivered and financed, identifying appropriate commercial, financial and organisational models).

This tender brief is exclusively for item 1 above.

As part of this tender, Black Country Consortium is seeking to procure a consultant to deliver the work as outlined above. This work must be completed by 31 March 2018.

Invitation to Tender

Tenders are invited for the provision of the Service as specified in the enclosed document for an agreed period to be confirmed.

Submission of Tender

The response must set out the following:

  • ORGANISATIONAL DETAILS AND PRICING (see appendix I and please use the tables provided)
  • Name and experience of The person or people that will be carrying out the work.
  • Evidence that you appreciate the challenges and constraints of the project
  • Details of methodology to be adopted
  • A Provisional project plan and timetable
  • Total Fixed Cost
  • Provision of two references

Closing Date

The Tenders must be submitted electronically to no later than 12 noon on Monday 13 November. We expect to notify the winning tenderer by Friday 17 November 2017.

Further Information

If you require any further information on the service required within this Tender, please contact – Sarah Middleton, Chief Executive, telephone (01384) 47 1102, e-mail address

>>Download the full tender document here<<

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