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Don't forget your vaccinations
Posted on 22/05/2020


Don't forget your vaccinations

Sandwell public health bosses are urging parents to make sure children starting school in the autumn get their vaccinations, especially measles.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that routine childhood immunisations are started and completed on time. This will help protect your child from a range of serious and sometimes life-threatening infections.

Whilst infections such as measles and meningitis are not as common as they used to be, this is only because of high levels of vaccination. It is very important that we continue to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases by making sure children get vaccinated. To prevent resurgence, infants still need protecting through vaccination.

Director of Public Health, Dr Lisa McNally said:

"During the current pandemic, we are all focused on COVID-19, staying safe and finding a vaccine, but that doesn't mean other viruses have gone away. In Sandwell, we are more vulnerable to measles than some areas because of lower vaccinations rates."

Cllr Farut Shaeen, Cabinet Member for Living Healthy Lives said: 

"I urge parents and carers, especially those whose children are starting primary school in the autumn to make sure their children are fully vaccinated. Parents and carers will still receive appointments when their child’s vaccinations are due, but this might be at a different site to their usual GP.

"It’s never too late to catch-up. If any parent or carer thinks their child may have missed a vaccination they should contact their GP to make an appointment."

It is also important for older children and adults to check they have had both doses of MMR.

For example, if you:

  • are about to start college or university
  • are going to travel abroad
  • are planning a pregnancy
  • are a frontline health or social care worker
  • were born between 1970 and 1979, as you may have only been vaccinated against measles
  • were born between 1980 and 1990, as you may not be protected against mumps

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