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Brownfield first for housing plan – leader
Posted on 28/06/2021


Brownfield first for housing plan – leader

A major plan to identify housing land in Dudley borough will put brownfield sites at the “top of the list” in order to protect green belt, the leader of the council said.

Councillor Patrick Harley said Dudley Council was a “brownfield first” authority.

The announcement comes as a detailed Black Country Plan is set to go before the council’s cabinet where the group will be asked to approve a public consultation on the draft proposals.

The plan looks to identify housing and employment land across the Black Country up to 2039 and without it, the region’s green belt may be under threat from developers.

Councillor Harley said the council must “leave no stone unturned” to identify former developed land for the plan as he looked to reassure residents.

Councillor Patrick Harley, leader of Dudley Council, said:

"The policy of this council is a brownfield first policy. Green belt will be considered if there are no other alternatives to meet our housing need. The public consultation will allow the residents of the borough to fully express their thoughts and opinions on this matter. That is crucial to getting the right plan.

"We will be leaving no stone unturned to find sufficient development on brownfield land so that the effect on green belt is minimised or removed."

The plan is due to be discussed by the council’s cabinet on July 5. They will be asked to formally agree a period of public consultation on the plans before a further report to cabinet.

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