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Assisted Areas Consultation

The Government is reviewing the current map of Assisted Areas in response to new European Commission guidelines on regional aid.

Assisted areas are those areas of Great Britain where regional aid may be granted under Community law.

The 2007-2013 assisted areas covered 68 wards in the Black Country which encompassed 836,119 residents. Consultation on the 2014-2020 assisted areas is currently being held and is due to close on Monday 30th September 2013.

The consultation sets out several rules for the population coverage for the new 2014-2020 Assisted Areas. This includes asking those LEPs in England and LAs in Scotland and Wales with 2007-2013 Assisted Area coverage to suggest distributions of 2014-2020 coverage with:

i) a maximum population of 80% of that granted on the 2007-2013 Map, and

ii) up to 100% of that granted in 2007-2013 in order that some second order local priorities are identified in the difference.

If you would like to review the information that the Black Country LEP has put together in order to respond to this consultation please contact Delma Dwight, Head of Intelligence, on 01384 471115 or email

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