Response to Government Papers

To ensure the needs of the Black Country are represented in national and regional policy, when appropriate the Black Country LEP responds to formal consultations and calls for evidence across a range of priority areas.

Responding to these documents provides us with an opportunity to reinforce our message consistently on an ongoing basis, as well as allowing us to identify and specify Black Country needs and opportunities in different policy themes.

In developing responses we adopt a partnership approach: seeking the expertise and views from local partners to ensure open, integrated and strong Black Country submissions that are underpinned by robust evidence. Continuing our dialogue with government departments and regional organisations in this way helps to ensure that we present the needs of the Black Country at all levels of decision-making. A high-profile example of a consultation response is our Black Country LEP response to the government’s Industrial Strategy green paper - the full document can be accessed below with all other responses to consultations and calls for evidence.

We will continue to be proactive in responding to similar releases by central and regional government, reflecting this as an important activity to ensure the Black Country’s voice is heard and our strategy priorities reinforced.

Black Country Responses:

Response to DCLG's Housing White Paper

Response to Industrial Strategy Green Paper