Strategic Economic Plan

‘Made in the Black Country: Sold around the World’

“Our aim is to grow our global supply chain with the world class skills it demands, to maximise the benefits of our location, to exploit our industrial and geological heritage and to provide high quality housing to meet the needs of a balanced growing population”.
Black Country LEP Vision

Strategic Economic Plan - 2017 edition

We have refreshed our Strategic Economic Plan for 2017. Please find below a series of appendices and the refreshed document for download:

BCSEP Annex 1 Programmes on a Page 2017

BCSEP Annex 2 Sector Profiles and Dashboards

BCSEP Annex 3 Programme Dashboards Feb 2017

BCSEP Annex 4 Black Country Pipeline Analysis

BCSEP Annex 5 Black Country Storyboards

Download the 2017 Black Country Strategic Economic Plan here:

2014 edition

The Black Country LEP submitted the original Strategic Economic Plan to Government on 31 March 2014.

The Plan made the case for the Black Country to secure funding and decision making freedom to accelerate growth in high value manufacturing and, specifically, the aerospace, automotive and building technology sectors.

Through the first two rounds of Local Growth Funding Black Country LEP secured £162m to deliver a six year programme running from 2015/16 to 2020/21. This substantial investment from Government will bring forward at least £400m of additional investment from local partners and the private sector. Combined together this will create a total new investment package of £562m for the Black Country.

This six year capital programme will enable the delivery of: 

  • 5,000 new jobs
  • 1,400 new homes
  • 3,200 businesses helped to grow
  • 7,000 additional learners supported to develop skills needed by businesses

Download the 2014 Black Country Strategic Economic Plan here:

Download the 2014 Black Country Strategic Economic Plan Executive Summary here:

Stewart Towe, Chair of the Black Country LEP, said, "The Black Country is uniquely placed to create new jobs in high value manufacturing; we have a strong manufacturing base, supply chain networks, businesses that export globally and a location at the heart of the UK transport network. We believe our Growth Deal gives us the flexibility to address the barriers limiting business growth, including under-investment in skills, accelerating businesses innovation, creating additional high quality employment sites, improving the housing mix and tackling traffic congestion. We are confident that our growth plan will ensure that we increase our competitive capability for many more products to be made in the Black Country and sold around the world.”